Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Ugly Face of Feminism - (3)


Amanda Marcotte ranks number 3 on Return of Kings post The 9 Ugliest Feminists in America, and is best known for blogging as well as for her writing on feminism and politics.

She drew criticism for her views on the Duke Lacrosse case, leading journalist Cathy Young to describe her as a leader of a "cyber-lynch mob," and that, "in Marcotte's eyes, the real crime of the independent feminists is helping preserve the idea that the presumption of innocence applies even in cases of rape and sexual assault." The post attracted so much negative commentary, including from The New York Times, that Marcotte ended up deleting it.

She also managed to get herself fired from the John Edwards campaign, after her comments on Catholic Church drew fire from both Bill Donahue and the Catholic League - they called her review of the film Children of Men "anti-Christian".

She also managed to get in trouble with her published books. In 2008, her book It's a Jungle Out There: The Feminist Survival Guide to Politically Inhospitable Environments came under fire for having a cover image perpetuating racist tropes. When the book was released, it again set off controversy in the feminist blogosphere for use of images that many saw as racist: the illustrations included stereotypical images of "savage" black Africans being beaten up by a white, blonde, superhero, described as "racist cartoons of 'natives' in a jungle setting." Marcotte was forced to issue an apology, and to agree that a second printing of It's a Jungle Out There would not contain illustrations.


Anonymous said...

Paul Elam, A Voice for Men- the biggest conjob in the MRA and disinfo agent

A short commentary on MRA leaders

The so called "Leaders" of the MRA area are lying to you all. They are telling you that governments make legislation that you HAVE to obey and that they can FORCE you to obey using the police FORCE. This is a lie. They know it is a lie. And they are telling you lies that they know are lies.

The TRUTH is that legislation is NOT LAW and you do not have to obey ANY legislation. Here are links to videos that go into this in detail. This is not a new idea. Many people KNOW that legislation is not law and have been telling you so for a long time.

The excuse offered is usually "well the guvment can hurt you if you do not obey" is just that. An excuse. The only reason that guvments do hurt men who do not obey is because men have TOLERATED these crimes and not formed new courts to put criminals in guvment on trial. Men only have themselves to blame.

ScareCrow said...

OT - Roy - did you know that "allegedly", your blog is banned by certain cell phone carriers in the United Kingdom?

Check out The Black Pill's blog...


Roy Scott Movrich said...

@ Scarecrow:
"... did you know that "allegedly", your blog is banned by certain cell phone carriers in the United Kingdom?"

I should be so honoured. To be banned means I've said something that struck a raw note with them that they did not like or could not accept. IOW I got under their skin which was the primary purpose of me blogging anyway.


ScareCrow said...

I hear ya.

I was seriously disappointed when manboobz took me off of his boob roll.


And I try so hard to be a boob too.